Pre-test questionnaire

During an emergency, we only test on order.

Welcome to the online Pre-Test Counseling Guide. Answering the following questions is necessary to evaluate whether your HIV test will be taken at the right time and has the right meaning. Our system also evaluates recommendations for testing for other STDs and other prevention programs. Even though you may be unsure about some of the answers, please complete the questionnaire. You will then specify the answers in a personal interview with the counselor.

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All data are recorded anonymously and are used solely for the above purposes and for statistics. Your device's IP addresses are not stored. Therefore, carefully record the generated identifier (code), since it cannot be found out later. You will need the questionnaire identifier (code) when you visit the counseling center personally.

If you have received a code (identifier) ​​from your counselor, log in to your questionnaire here. You will be prompted to set your personal PIN when you log in.